Headline Studio houses a full-service kitchen studio that specializes in producing content for food and beverage brands. Our production teams and studio spaces are built to specifically capture and create beautiful, affordable photos, videos and graphics for food and beverage brands.

Digital videos are expensive, but no one questions their effectiveness. Whether posted to Facebook, tweeted, ‘grammed, TikTok’d, ibotta’d or simply used as an ad, videos get the job done. They pack a lot of messaging into a few easily consumed frames. Videos are especially beneficial—not to mention
profitable—for food and beverage brands that have delicious, highly visual stories to tell. But what if videos weren’t so expensive?

What We Did

Our in-house video production studio centered on affordable, high-quality video for brands of all sizes.

A new model for affordable production.

Nutshell’s affordability model is centered upon being in a constant state of production, which allows our teams to be agile and always ready. We’re not scrambling to assemble production teams; studios/spaces/locations; or have to worry about equipment. By housing everything needed to create top-quality content for brands, we can significantly lower production costs, which means you can afford more content and get more for your dollar.


A Constant State of Production

Because we are in a constant state of content creation, Reily was able to jump into our ongoing production workflow without having to wait weeks to start receiving content for posting and promoting. Within the first month of partnering with us, Reily received ten digital videos, more than 30 original photos and content calendars complete with captions, tags and links.


Views, Engagements & Cha-Chings!

By supplying Reily Foods Co. with enough content to post and promote every day, we enabled their brands to reach unprecedented numbers of customers. When compared to the prior year, Reily’s brands in 2020 experienced quadruple-digit growth. Their entire portfolio reached over 200% more people in 2020, but engagements and link clicks to brand websites increased nearly 2,000%. The videos we produced for them received over 65 million views—an increase of over 1,200%. Sales of each brand have climbed to historic highs and for several brands, Reily products now lead their respective categories in sales growth.

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Social Engagments
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